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  • Текст песни Lethargy - Veils of Sorrow

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    Χαμένος στους λαβύρινθους του νου
    Περιπλανιέμαι στα παγωμένα μονοπάτια
    Της μνήμης αναζητώντας την γαλήνη
    Της λύτρωσης

    Founder still to swaddling blindness
    Where inertia is succeeded by the silence
    Sand in my eyes and dust in my veins
    And the sulfur in my heart unfolds my chains
    Radiance of profound darkness when the
    Tears and the pain betray my sadness
    In my shroud I feel the throe and I
    Cherish the debris of my soul
    Reaching out the night
    Foredoomed emotions of salvation
    Pallid horizonsleading to nowhere
    Of illustration

    Buried still in the ground in dark shapes
    The remorse fly around And my life fades
    Away like the echo of a poem that is
    Astray scalding tears wash my flesh
    Errant stars light my path and the
    Benevolent night embraces my heart

    "Now tears from the sky freshen my lips
    And the sun caresses my eyes and the
    Fallen leaves cover my wounds the the wind
    Takes me back to the velvet embrace of eternity,
    To the crystal palace of oblivion"

    Reaching our the light Serene emotions
    Of expiation Brightened horizons
    In the edge of the world of redemption


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