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  • Текст песни Akatsuki Records - The Rabbit Has Landed

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    На этой странице находится текст песни Akatsuki Records - The Rabbit Has Landed, а также перевод песни и видео или клип.
    ああ、遥か遠のいていく 縁の緑を越え
    湖面を撫ぜる風が 一薙ぎ、月を揺らす

    帰れない場所 見上げた遠い憧憬は
    孤独な戦士の紅い瞳に 揺れている金色の月

    ああ、生まれた星を捨て ひとり堕ちてきた戦士
    自ら立ち向かっていく 宇宙へと昇っていく
    帰れる居場所がある 生きて足掻きたいんだ、だから」

    かすり傷一つ許されない 狂気には狂気をもて!


    空は宇宙を越え 悪夢へ続いている

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    Oh, I ’m going far away – beyond the green border
    The wind stroking the surface of the lake
    How far are you going? What can i do
    Hitomi, who stays insane, flew looking only in front

    Fight, the rabbit has descended!
    A place you can't return to
    The golden moon swaying in the red eyes of a lonely warrior

    Oh, abandoned the born star-the warrior who fell alone
    Confront yourself 昇 rise into space
    "I already knew there was someone I wanted to protect
    I have a place to go back.

    Fight, the rabbit has descended!
    Nobody can stop it anymore, on the full moon
    A single scratch is not allowed. Madness is insane!

    "Mayday, Mayday, from a rabbit on the ground,
    To you who know nothing sleeping on the moon
    The battle has already begun, awake and in that dream! "

    Fight, the rabbit has taken off!
    The sky transcends space and continues into nightmares
    I live and die
    Open up your destiny
    Return to eternity

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