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  • Текст песни BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Setsuna Hikouki

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    На этой странице находится текст песни BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Setsuna Hikouki, а также перевод песни и видео или клип.
    東京へと続く白い路が ゆっくりと青空に伸びていく
    村外れの向日葵峠から 出来たばかりの空港を君と見ていた

    永遠に続くような畦道で 干からびて蚯蚓が死んでいる
    此処に居たら僕も乾いていく だから明日東京へと旅立つ

    「さよなら」も言えず 君と視線が合った

    刹那 飛行機が頭上2000フィートで 君が言った「何か」を掻き消した
    そして二人は別れたかも知らぬまま 愛し合っていく


    動き出した飛行機の窓の外 瓢箪山の麓をふと見れば
    国道沿いの向日葵峠から 君が大きく手を振っていた

    何度も躓き 蹌踉めいて
    精一杯 君は何か叫んでいた

    刹那 飛行機の爆ぜるジェットエンジンが 君といた季節を掻き消した
    そして二人は別れたかも知らぬまま 愛し合っていく

    恋と夢を乗せた機体が航路を外れて急旋回 空中分解して

    刹那 飛行機が雲から抜け出し スカイ・ツリーが寝ぼけ眼に突き刺さった
    気圧差で音の消えた世界 荒れ狂う鼓動が埋め尽くした


    刹那 飛行機が時速200ノットで 哀しみを覚悟に昇華した
    進め青春を いつも明日照らすのは夏 そして太陽と無限大の群青


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    The white road leading to Tokyo slowly extends into the blue sky
    From the sunflower pass outside the village


    An earthworm is dead from the dry road on a ridge that lasts forever
    If I ’m here, I ’ll dry out too, so I ’ll leave for Tokyo tomorrow

    The straw hat is down
    A matching necklace shakes
    I couldn't even say "goodbye"-I was in line with you

    The momentary moment the plane was 2000 feet overhead and drowned out "something" you said
    And they love each other without knowing if they have separated


    Of the phone that did not ring until the end
    I think while turning off the power
    Neither expectations of the city nor fears
    You who didn't come to see me

    Looking out of the window of the airplane that started to move.
    Mr. was waving his hand from the sunflower pass along the national highway

    The straw hat is likely to fly
    Stumbled over and over again
    You've been screaming

    The momentary jet engine exploding jet engine drowned out the season you were with
    And they love each other without knowing if they have separated

    The aircraft carrying love and dreams turns off the seaway and makes a sharp turn 分解 Disassembled in the air
    Then I choose my dream and fall
    I woke up there

    Setsuna The plane got out of the clouds The Sky Tree pierced the sleeping eyes
    A world where sound has disappeared due to pressure difference 差 Raging beating is filled up


    The momentary airplane sublimated with sorrow at 200 knots / h
    Advance youth-always shine tomorrow is summer-and the sun and infinite ultramarine


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