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  • Текст песни Cory Morrow - The Preacher

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    На этой странице находится текст песни Cory Morrow - The Preacher, а также перевод песни и видео или клип.
    The cold wind blew, the preacher grieved
    He said "they're comin' after me
    I ain't exactly what I seem to be"
    He pulled his pistol from his side
    Pointed it at me and cried
    And then he laid a bullet deep in my chest
    He stood still revealin' the story
    That I knew was true before
    And now because of it I lay dying
    He claimed to run with Jesse James
    William Bonnie, and they all the same
    "I ain't no preacher man, I was born of fire"

    Hey, can't you hear that train coming now?
    Rollin' fast down the tracks, to hell they're bound
    Well I'm in over my head again
    I hear those pistols layin' down
    And I have taken the lives of many men
    Now the angel's comin' down
    I said the angel of death is coming down

    Well, up in the horizon
    Laid the red sun, beatin' cold and dying
    And taking with it all the lives the preacher stole
    Well, you see, the preacher is not real
    He clench his fists of rage and steel
    And spit the fires of Satan at your soul
    He beat the path to Heaven's door
    The angels said they'd take no more
    Now he walks the Earth forever lone
    And on the stone that marked his death
    When he did finally lay to rest
    Were the lonely words "I'm going home"

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